Thursday, 4 January 2018

Le Soleil, Royal Garden

It was retro celebration of my birthday at Le Soleil.  It offers Vietnamese cuisine with a touch of Asian fusion. Fanny and I finished work to arrive at Tsim Sha Tsui East. Outside was a bit drizzle.  Inside was warm and cosy.  Tables were not crowded together. It's a soothing environment for friends' chat.  Good pick, Fanny!

We started with an appetiser combination. It consisted of spring rolls 春卷, deep fried shrimp cake 越南蝦餅, rice paper roll with pork fillet 燒豬柳米紙卷, steamed rice flour pouche 越南粉包 and cabbage and chicken salad 牙車快沙律.  All were tasty!

In between came our summer drinks. They are refreshing in the high summer and after a day of tired work. Our cod fillet was served with mango sauce which gave it a distinct flavour versus the Japanese grilled version with a dressing in the direction of soy. The fish was soft and tender. Very nice!
The quail cooked with rum in fire in front of us was fabulous! It was dramatic.  Flame burnt the bird and then served on our plates.  It retains the rum flavour, very fragrant.  The succulent meat.  Oh my God!  

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Green Veggie 天然齋

Merry Christmas! Natural red and green denoting the festive atmosphere of Christmas.  This is not celebrating food, but everyday healthy diet. We put far more food than needs to our stomach at festive seasons and normal period. Here serves a reminder to have natural food and enhance health. A colleague recommended this place, Green Veggie, 天然齋 for a healthy lunch. I visited a few times. The food was excellent and good value for money.  HK$48 for 3 choices of food and rice. And HK$39 for take away. My distant colleague Jörg may like it if he would visit Hong Kong again.

Apart from the lunch set, you can choose from the amazing choices shown a la carte at Green Veggie.  It donates part of its profit to charity.

Friday, 1 December 2017

E-pai teppan-yakitori 一杯鐵板燒居酒屋

It is always nice to meet Carmen, Eva and her daughter, Angel. We had been checking where to meet for dinner in terms of cuisine, area, price level.  Finally, Eva suggested teppan-yakitori 一杯鐵板燒居酒屋 at APM in Kwun Tong. The best is we paid significantly less since Citibank was running a promotion with the King Parrot Group.  The worst is we had to wait long even we have reserved a table. The place is crazily crowded. But restaurants are all closing around 10 pm.

Decoration at teppan-yakitori is traditional style. Food was good for the price. Nothing we didn't like.  The dishes we liked most were the Kansaiyaki and egg rolls.  They were also the signature dishes there.  What is Kansaiyaki? It is omelette with pork and veggies, similar to Okonomiyaki. Kansai is a region in Japan. Important cities include Osaka and Kyoto. Yaki means grill, teppanyaki.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Grandma's Dumplings 婆婆家餃子館

Dah Sing Bank offers its cardholders birthday delights.  I took the beauty offer provided by Bioscreen. After the trial treatment I went for the restaurant recommended by the beautician, Panny. It is called Grandma's Dumpling婆婆家餃子館.

For the first trial, I picked a common and conservative dish: pork soup noodle which is one of the typical noodles offered in Shanghainese restaurant.  It's nice!

After my other facial treatment, I visited Grandma's dumpling again.  My picks were tomato egg soup noodle and half portion dumplings.  Dumplings were superb!  I didn't not mean that the noodle was bad, but a bit less appealing as the dumplings.

The choices of another two times:  sour spicy cold noodle and pickled cabbage fish filet.  Taste of both was a bit heavy for me.  I prefer lighted taste.  For pickled cabbage fish filet, I prefer the one at Sichuan Paradise 天府人家.

It is about the third time eating there I saw a big piece of grassland in front.  It is extensive and looks like in Mongolia. Psalm 133 is written on it. How beautiful it is!  God's people live together in unit y.  It is an utopia. The Chinese translation:


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Tic Tac Toe

It was a rainy night. Fion and I met at Tic Tac Toe. It was an accidental find when I passed by Tai Wong Street East one evening.  It was full.  I had a glance on the menu and prices.  Prices are friendly and reasonable.  So, when Fion called, I would like to try Tic Tac Toe.

There is a standard menu featuring drinks, snacks, pizzas, all day breakfast, desserts, etc. For dinner, one has to look at the blackboard for kinds of pasta, rice, burgers. We picked oxtail pasta and chicken with onsen egg pasta. Salad and drinks were included in the price.  Superb!

Waiters there were very friendly.  There were only a few guests on that rainy night.  They were always attentive, kind and never had a sign of pushing us away.  We enjoyed the night there.

Shop A, G/F, Wealthy Mansion, 7-11 Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai

About 5 minutes walk from MTR station exit B2.   Phone: 53813817

Friday, 20 October 2017

Uohachi 魚八日本料理

I was twice eating at Uohachi 魚八日本料理 which was totally unknown to me in the previous time. The first time was with Emily.  We were looking for a restaurant for lunch.  A ramen noodle shop nearby was full, with a long queue. From outside, Uohachi looked empty.  When we stepped in we were told that seats were available on the ground floor only.  OK, let's try.

We ordered dishes available on the lunch menu: pork ramen noodle and pork rice. The food tasted authentic Japanese. Like it! A mini dessert was served at the end of the meal. While we were waiting, we noticed that Uohachi won a prize of 'long lasting genuine restaurant' in 2016.  Oh good!

I took a quick look of the review about Uohachi.  Majority is positive. It is kind of small restaurant for small groups of friend chitchatting.  Price is friendly.

A few days ago, I paid my second visit, alone.  The same waiter.  I also sat downstairs.  Whenever the door was opened, hot air permeated inside. It does not diminish the appeal of the food.  When I saw sea urchin on the lunch menu, it's a no brain decision to order the sea urchin and scallop 4-colour sashimi rice.  It was very good!  No regret though it was 25% more expensive than the dishes priced at the next lower level.  I was happy.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Yokokawa Japanese Cuisine 沃川自家料理

Last year I subscribed a Prudential's insurance plan.  It works in a way that I put a lump sum money each year.  After five years of payment and wait another five years, I will have a lump sum of money each year until I die.   This year Prudential sponsored Hacken Lee Concert 李克勤演唱會.   My agent told me I could have two free tickets.  It accounts for why I write about Yokukawa Japanese Cuisine as Tsim Sha Tsui East 尖沙咀東 is the closest area to the Hong Kong Coliseum 香港體育館 (紅館) for snacks or dinner prior to the start of the concert.

I found Yokukawa at Open Rice. It is located at the South Sea Centre 南洋中心, on the first floor.  The floor was quite empty but not the restaurant. Fortunately, I booked two seats.  Our first order was grilled ox tongue. It was very nice and fresh. My sister loved it and still recalls it from time to time.

All dishes were served quite quick as most of the guests will attend the concert which started at 8.15 pm. The grilled miso tofu was special and delicious.  It was recommended by one of the waitresses. She was keen to know our feedback.

The next cooked dish was bitter melon and pumpkin tempura. They was good but pricey.  $12 each piece plus 10% service charge.

To end the meal and rush to the Coliseum, we had 4 different sushi: sea urchin 海膽, flounder 左口魚, prawn and swordfish 劍魚.  All were excellent!

Yokukawa provides a few VIP rooms. They were filled up when we visited.  No wonder some celebrities (e.g. 袁詠儀張智霖) are frequent customers.  They won't be discovered easily by reporters.