Friday, 14 April 2017


It was the last working day prior to the Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster.  Colleagues have arranged CNY eve lunch at Momojein.   Learning from Open Rice, Momojein is managed by a renowned stylish top 8 chef in Korea.   Dishes are creative.   The restaurant serves typical Korean dishes for lunch.  It failed to impress me.  I know it's not fair to say so as I haven't tried the creative dishes.  Perhaps, one day.  Lunch sets tasted good but were not so appealing as they did not stand out from other Korean restaurants.  But as side dish, I liked the Tofu salad. It's deep fried, with a contrasting texture to the salad leaves and fruits.

The starters were not appealing at all.  We were 10 people.  Each two of us shared 3 tiny appetisers.   It was totally the contrast from the general generosity offered in other restaurants.


The food was OK.  Each one shared HK$141.  You may also wow, a bit pricey for the standard food.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Ham and Sherry

It was some time ago that Fion and I had dinner at Ham and Sherry.  She picked the place.  We enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere. The exterior and interior of Ham and Sherry are decorated with white and blue tiles.  It gives an impression of Portuguese but it is Spanish. The space is not huge and it's full with Caucasians. We and a few women were the exception.

Fion and I did not eat much.  Less is more.  The Sangria and two dishes of deep fried zucchini  and suckling pig were sumptuous.

We were talking with the waitress about our curiosity of Sherry prior to the ordering of food and drinks. She was very kind to offer three for trial, from light to strong. Unfortunately, we did not like it.   It was fine.   We appreciated her kindness and order sangria instead.  It was a joyful night.  Fion is always cheerful and positive.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Assaggio Trattoria Italiana

It was a retro celebration of my birthday. Fanny brought me to Assaggio in Tsimshashui.   It was full and we sat outside the restaurant.  Though the environment is ideal, the food compensated it.  Our appetiser was not the average dishes found elsewhere but creative and delicious.  We began with beans and shrimp salad.  It was fresh and the combination delivered a surprising good impression and memory.

Colours, we liked the bright and happy moods of the pumpkin and vegetables lying on bread.   Fantastic assimilation of different vegetables in harmony and imposed no threat of weight gain.

It came our meat, charcoal beef.  Medium rare, tender and beefy!  Potato was served.

Our reunion ended with Tiramisu and chocolate mousse.  I would say I could made better ones.

There is another Assaggio Trattoria Italiana in Wanchai, at the Arts Centre and managed by the Miramar Group.  The two have the same logo.  The one in Wanchai is more elegant and won a few awards and recommended by the Michelin.

Friday, 10 March 2017


I love duck.  I love pappardelle.  So, I give a dumb's up to Pirata because it presented a lovely dish to me. We went there for lunch. The price we paid covered antipasti buffet, main course and dessert. Not cheap but OK for a range between HK$168 (pasta) and HK$248 and long chatting hours.  As Pirata is located on the top floor, a lot of light fills up the space which makes it more homely.

My colleagues ordered spring chicken, penne Norma.  They were OK and the chicken was a bit rough.  But I still think the antipasti buffet worth the price.

Among the desserts, the semifreddo is recommended and it is the restaurant's recommendation.   Panno cotta with raspberry coulis was good too.  Cafe Affogato was so so.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Plat du Jour

It was an impromptu dinner with Carmen. She is my colleague working in another office.  We have been trying to meet for dinner for months.  But either she was too busy with her new role or occupied with her daughter's examination preparation. But yesterday evening she was available and I too.  Then we finally met.

Joey, my gourmet seeking colleague, again suggested nice venue for this impromptu dinner, Plat du Jour at Pacific Place basement. It is a casual French bistro.  Plat du Jour is a dish featured by a restaurant on a particular day.  The bistro runs exactly this way.  On top of the menu was a sheet printed the day's special: ox tongue, whiting fillet, royale jelly as dessert.  They were also handwritten on blackboards. In addition, a quick menu with 3 courses at $295.

Plat du Jour serves happy hour until 8pm. So, we ordered a portion of 500 ml Luis Canas, Rioja. I was very delighted by the bread served.  Big holes, nice crust!  And refill is welcome.

Our first choice was a kale salad with artichoke and pearl barley. It came with not much dressing, only a hint of lemon juice.  It preserved the natural taste.

The service was very good.  The waitress asked us if we would like to have all dishes serve at once or one by one.  We chose the latter. Our second dish was wild mushroom pappardelle, my favourite pasta. It was very delicious with creamy sauce.

The Berkshire pork chop was recommended by a waiter.  Though it was not highlighted as the recommended dish, it did not let us down but raise our eyebrows and made us smile as it was tender and the taste together with the sides was superb,

Last but not the least, our dessert, apple tart tatin.  It was recommended by a waitress and was gorgeous.  Carmen and I had a nice chat.  We enjoyed the evening and our friendship.

Friday, 17 February 2017


My colleague Joey is a food gourmet.   She knows good restaurants and is willing to spend on food more than all other things.  Dresses are bought from Zalora.  But she pay lots for food.  One day, she bought me to Palco for lunch.  Yes, it's pricey but the appetiser and main course were still worth HK$188 + 10%.

I began with a very special soup, chilled Marinate Melon Soup with Hokkaido Scallop.  It was very refreshing and delightful.  The pale green with honey dew melon and yummy scallop. Even now I can imagine that the scallop was swimming alive in my mouth.

Joey had clams.  It looked mouthwatering. It would be nice to share one or two from her.  But she did not read my mind.  Ha ha!

My main course is a bit contrast to my appetiser, trunky meat vs. refreshing melon and scallop.  But they did not conflict between themselves. The rosemary lamb loin dice with red sweet paprika risotto was divine.   So so so delicious!  Joey was happy with her air-dried pork jowl sundried tomato fusilli. These made me with a happy heart for going back to work.

Dessert was good but not fantastic. Will I come back to Palco? Yes, for meeting friends who love good food.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Ti Amo手作

A friend recommended Tiamo to us.  We tried it the first time after the worship on Saturday evening. The space is tiny but we felt the enthusiasm from a group of young people filling up the space.   They worked hard and delivered high quality pizza and pasta.  Pizza was thin and crispy.  Intensive sauce of pasta.  Impressive!   They are flexible too.  We could change the drinks to salad and many different choices.  And the price was low.  Food straight from the heart and delicious.  Tiamo, means I love you.  And sure, we have come back a few times and it will remain our favourite.

Apart from Pizza, it provides many other tasty dishes.  Every one of them satisfied us.  And we were not very easy to please.  Joking!  Tiamo provides many menus, different combinations.  Besides, you can find Japanese food on its menu.  We haven't tried it yet and cannot comment.


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