Sunday, 17 September 2017

Oriental Vegetarian 東方素

It's the one of the lunches I had with Karen Wong at work.  She brought me to Oriental Vegetarian. The restaurant provided fast food lunch and sophisticated vegetarian dishes like meat or private dinner with a number of dishes. Be it pure vegetables or imitated meat, both are very appealing to the appetite and taste buds. I decided that I would come back to Oriental Vegetarian.

As we reserved a table at Oriental Vegetarian, we must take a la carte.  The sweet and sour pork was excellent and so was the vegetable dish, vegetable with shark fin (vermicelli) with asparagus and egg whites. It left a deep impression. If we hadn't reserved a table, we would have gone for set lunch for HKD48. Once can have soup, 1 bowl of rice and 3 choices of dishes out of 6. Besides, guests were served, not like the rest of vegetarian restaurants in Wanchai which are on self-serve basis.

If you would like to have more decent food.  Here you go.  You can with go for a la carte or the private dinner menu.  More costly and more delicious!

And you should not miss out their BBQ pork with honey!  Everyone praises it.

Friday, 1 September 2017

MUGS Cuttlefish Master 神廚館-墨東東

I watched TV (尋便當 ) one weekend when I was doing stepping. It was a Singapore program but that episode showed Hong Kong food.  The first was about BBQ meat on the Hong Kong Island. One restaurant left an impression.  It is called Chef God Kitchen 神廚館. Mum improved the previous restaurant boss' recipe.  She had passion to perfect it and serve guests. Her daughter helped her mum to fulfil her wish. The restaurant attracted guests with its unique cuttlefish rice 墨魚餅飯.  It's love driving the restaurant which drew me to visit it.

I followed the address published at Open Rice in Tai Kok Tsui.  But the name has changed. Fortunately I could reach the restaurant with the phone number.  It has moved to a place nearby, at 61 Tai Kok Tsui Road and called MUGS Cuttlefish Master.

It provides food with cuttlefish but not versatile as reported previously.  Nowadays, cuttlefish alone or mixed with seafood for amazing burgers. The place is very small, a few tables only. The running model is order, pay and eat or take away.  I ordered the signature dish, cuttlefish dotted with seaweed, a sunny egg and rice.  I was advised to spray homemade sweet soy sauce. It was delicious!  The cuttlefish cake was piping hot. I had to wait and started with piercing the sunny egg, let the egg yolk throw into the rice. Back to taste it is bouncy, fresh and tasty!

During the meal, I heard a woman talking to her child. Though she was busy but her voice was calm. She was patient to instruct her child where the stuff should be put. At one time, she was close to me. I started to talk with her a bit, asked about the move. They were mother and daughter working in an area over 1,000 square feet. It is difficult to recruit workers, manage such a big place and numerous dishes. So, they decided to move to a smaller place, changed from diversified dishes and centring on cuttlefish which her mother perfect the production by hand. Some diners are quite mean of giving comments.  But if you know the story behind, you won't be so malicious to pick up shortcomings. For me, it is a hearty restaurant loyal to what they do best and stand there to serve guests good food.

Cuttlefish rice /bento continues to draw old and new customers.  At time, loyal customers said it's so difficult to get a seat, tried new dishes, revisited the place.  I hope I will come another time as Tai Kok Tsui 大角咀 is not my usual visiting area, neither working and shopping place.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Hung Tung Dumplings 亨通餃子店

I passed by this little shop in Yaumatei a few times.  It says it's from Harbin which I never heard of dumplings from Harbin. A feeling of trying its dumplings or other dishes stuck my mind.  But every time I had no hunger and did not eat.  Until another day, I took my first trial and it was satisfactory. Oh, I mean good!

A bit background of the Hung Tung Dumpling Shop: the owner was a woman from Harbin.  She studied about noodle and snacks during the eighties and got very good results.  She moved to Hong Kong in 2001.  Later on, her brother and sister in law also moved to Hong Kong. Then they opened this little dumpling shop and it had been standing there and welcome by guests.

I took dumplings.  There were eight for a portion.  The vegetable and meat inside were fresh and juicy. Yum! I had a big appetite and took a bean cake.  It was cook on spot and tasted lovely.

Because I did not know how often I could be there and would like to show more dishes at this blog, I also took a photo of another guest's dumplings noodle in soup. It looked nice and I ordered it another time.

A guest passed by and ordered take away of spring onion pancake.  He said it was very good but he had to attend a dining appointment.  So, he took the chance to take this pancake and still would not feel so full.  He was very generous to give me a portion to try.  It was really good.

Then came my second, third and so on visit.  I tried different dishes such as pork rib noodle, beef cake and my own spring onion pancake. Indeed I prefer the dumplings more.

Hung Tung dumpling shop 亨通餃子店 is always filled with somebody, not necessarily full house. Guests came again and again. One even painted this little shop. The painting was hung in the shop, the one you see at the top of this article. Apart from the painting, I was also impressed by its Hello Kitty calculator.  Ha Ha.

Wanna try?  Here is the address: 406 Hamilton Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Toyosu Suisan 豊洲水產海鮮丼專門店

When Toyosu Suisan was opened a few months ago, it was heavily advertised via Facebook.  There was quite a queue whenever I passed by. But these days a queue is no longer there.  One Friday, my lunch partners and I passed by and could have a trial.

Though the queue disappear, it does not mean the food was not good.   Each of two of us order the sashimi rice (not set lunch) and eel don.  For me the eel don was delicious with a reasonable price. Not sure how my colleagues rated their close to HK$300 sashimi rice as for lunch.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Thai Gourmet 泰好食

Thai Gourmet was a random find after I have been working in Wanchai for more than 1.5 years.  My colleagues normally go lunch in four and prefer decent places. I bumped into Thai Gourmet when I was near Amoy Street.  It is tiny.  There a few tables only.  A guy stood at the front next to the cashier. Two ladies served the food and drinks. Four choices of food were on the menu. With a drink, it cost only HK$55. And the taste was good. You can't compare with fine dining or higher class Thai food in terms of the ambience.  But food alone was good.

My first order was a noodle filled with 4 kinds of meat, fish ball, etc.  Very much food! One can choose the soup base: clear, coconut chicken or Tom Yam.  Very nice!

My second visit was on my birthday.  I needed to picked up my Chinese herbal tea and rush to Tsim Sha Tsui for Thai massage.  The natural choice was Thai food.   I ordered a noodle with cuttlefish ball and pork neck.  Without drink, the bill was HK$48. I did not want to eat so much prior to the massage.

My third take, pork neck with vegetable and rice.  The meat was tender and juicy.  Yes, I often come alone.  It is much easier to get a seat.   My colleagues would not like to wait and squeeze in. The air condition is not strong.

My latest: green curry chicken rice.  As long as I am working in Wanchai, I will find time to eat here again. Perhaps in the evening as well.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

22 Ships

A few years ago, I learnt about Jason Atherton from a cook book in the public library. His recipes are inspiring and I tried the cherry rice pudding.  He managed previously at Maze at Mayfair which is owned by Gordon Ramsay.  He then started his own venture. I don't know whey he opened restaurants in Hong Kong which is far from his own country. Top of my mind without searching the internet, he has got 22 Ships, Aberdeen Social and Ham and Sherry.

22 Ships is always crowded.  But on 30 June 2017, we passed by and could find a table to enjoy fabulous food as a lovely end of the first half of the year.

My colleagues Karis and Julia ordered cold beer. The presentation was in a metallic silver colour mug. They were impressed.  My choice was sangria.  It's velvet colour was gorgeous and appealing.

We were talking about our craziness of having alcohol in the afternoon which we still had to work hard after lunch. Oh, we are not Caucasians and neither work in a multinational company.  Luckily, the alcohol did not work hard on us.

We first had seafood paella with fava beans and crispy bacon.  Contrast to the normal serving in restaurants it was small.  Never mind!  It's vibrant and vivid colour and the fabulous taste won my applause.

Julia loved asparagus and it was featured on the blackboard hung on the wall.  Why not?  It was served with crispy toppings.  Nice!

Women's stomach is very elastic.  Karis had been talking of slimming for a long time. She ate very little normally. Especially when the food was not appealing, she left much on the plate or in the bowl. But this time, she finished very bit on the plate, even the fat of the suckling pig.

For our burger, we were offered to served 3 mini pieces.  It went with picked cucumber and avocado dip. A special twist!

Wanna eat there?  Wish you be lucky!  Reservation is not accepted.

22 Ship Street, Wanchai.
2555 0722

Friday, 14 July 2017

Tomokazu 友和

It has been years that I haven't visited Tomokazu 友和. Perhaps, over 15 years. I had a good memory of it. Food was outstanding. Service was attentive. It was famous. At time there were not many good Japanese restaurants in Hong KongTomokazu had numerous loyal clients. Carmen Cheng was one of them. I could have the honour to enjoy the fabulous fresh sashimi and all kinds of seafood.

Today, my colleagues and I passed by it randomly. Without a second thought we headed in and be seated. Sumptuous sashimi with rice and cooked food were served. 

Agnes picked sashimi with rice. She liked the accompanied fish soup very much. 

My choices were salmon sashimi as appetiser, ginger pork with lots of vegetables. Gratified! 

Julia chose beef. It was too good that she left nothing on the plate.

Karis was sick and avoided raw food. She took the California rolls and eel with rice. Looked amazing!

To end the meal we were provided different flavors of ice cream. Tomokazu, I will come back more often, not every 15 years.

Shop B, G/F., Shop A, 1/F., Lockhart House,  441 Lockhart Road, Causeway