Thursday, 29 March 2018

Table 18

It was retro birthday celebration for Eva.  At time, she was taking a course of senior security guard in Kwun Tong.  So, she picked Table 18 managed by King Parrot Group at APM 5. Our friend Carmen was working late and came half way of our dining. It was a happy night with good food.

We started with Green Apple Walnut Raisin Cucumber Salad with mango yogurt dressing. The presentation is like a tower, very spectacular.  It was refreshing and nice! Different textures and tastes went well together.

The main dishes are quite German: Pork knuckle and sausage with potato rosti. The pork knuckle was crispy. Not sure where did the sausage come from. I always prefer sausage from Germany.  Simplest the best in the world!

We ordered desserts after Carmen had her portions of food. The raspberry and chocolate pudding added joy and satisfaction of the happy birthday dinner.  If I will be nearby apm again, Table 18 will certainly be a good choice for food and chatting with friends.

Shop  UC-1, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

Friday, 2 March 2018

Little Paris Restaurant 小巴黎法國餐廳

Some time ago I attended a bible class about in Jordan.  When searching for lunch nearby, the Little Paris Restaurant 小巴黎法國餐廳 came up.  The name is very French but the food is Continental.  The place is quiet and the service is attentive. Space between table is decent and the price is not high for friends chatting.   (set lunch between HK$68 for risotto and 108 for steak).  The nicest is the environment, cosy and dotted with modern Chinese paintings.  It is good value for a decent venue in a hotel (Best Western Grand Hotel) for chatting at a prime location, Austin Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.


Sunday, 11 February 2018


My birthday often coincides with the Restaurant Week which held twice a year.  This year I was invited to Catalunya, a Spanish restaurant in a remote corner at Wanchai. 

The lunch menu of the Restaurant Week offered 3 courses and coffee or tea.  Each course had a choice of 3. For starter, we could choose between Gazpacho, marinated salmon with caviar or Estrellados with Chorizo.

Main courses are seafood pasta with marinara sauce, meatball with squid and rice and sea bream.

Desserts were fabulous: chocolate boullion and crema Catalana.  My birthday cake was very special! It's a sugary rabbit holding a candle fire.  Sure it burnt its ear!

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Supergiant Tapas and Cocktail Bar

As a coincidence, the two visits to Supergiant were close to my birthday during the Restaurant Week and the companion was Joey. Food was superb in both occasions.  Supergiant is within the Mira Moon Hotel in Wanchai.  It is not difficult to correlate to Mira Hotel.  Yes, they are within the same group and so does Supergiant.

First meal
Amuse Bouche - bread served tomato and 36 months cured Serrano ham

Seared Lemon Pepper Tuna with wasabi yuzu dressing

Pan fried Atlantic salmon grilled grain feed sirloin

Salted cheesecake with toasted almond, chocolate pearl and whipped cream

Second meal
Cajun watermelon with sword fish and Piquillo pepper

Grilled chicken with grape and feta salad

Pan-fried Ling fish with Chorizo cream sauce & with Grilled Australian Sirloin with potato bravas

Classic Spanish Flan with caramel

I hope the food photos reflect the quality and create your want to have a trial. The lunch menu during the Restaurant Week cost HK$118 in both 2016 and 2017.  It is indeed very good value.  I hope I will have another chance to visit new creative dishes in 2018 summer.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Sakuragi Omakase 櫻木

My colleagues and I frequented Sakuragi Omakase 櫻木 when it was opened the first few months. The food was good and the value was high.  Gradually, prices increased quiet much and favourable choices disappeared, such as the mixed tempura offered as set lunch.

The other disappeared choice is pork chop rice.  Big piece and crispy pork chop cost less then HKD90.  No more....... only in fond memories.

Despite the little grievance, the quality remains good.  I can't complain.  Like that the grilled cod was tender and juicy.  Whenever I want Japanese food for lunch in Wanchai, Sakuragi Omakasa is always the first choice.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Le Soleil, Royal Garden

It was retro celebration of my birthday at Le Soleil.  It offers Vietnamese cuisine with a touch of Asian fusion. Fanny and I finished work to arrive at Tsim Sha Tsui East. Outside was a bit drizzle.  Inside was warm and cosy.  Tables were not crowded together. It's a soothing environment for friends' chat.  Good pick, Fanny!

We started with an appetiser combination. It consisted of spring rolls 春卷, deep fried shrimp cake 越南蝦餅, rice paper roll with pork fillet 燒豬柳米紙卷, steamed rice flour pouche 越南粉包 and cabbage and chicken salad 牙車快沙律.  All were tasty!

In between came our summer drinks. They are refreshing in the high summer and after a day of tired work. Our cod fillet was served with mango sauce which gave it a distinct flavour versus the Japanese grilled version with a dressing in the direction of soy. The fish was soft and tender. Very nice!
The quail cooked with rum in fire in front of us was fabulous! It was dramatic.  Flame burnt the bird and then served on our plates.  It retains the rum flavour, very fragrant.  The succulent meat.  Oh my God!  

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Green Veggie 天然齋

Merry Christmas! Natural red and green denoting the festive atmosphere of Christmas.  This is not celebrating food, but everyday healthy diet. We put far more food than needs to our stomach at festive seasons and normal period. Here serves a reminder to have natural food and enhance health. A colleague recommended this place, Green Veggie, 天然齋 for a healthy lunch. I visited a few times. The food was excellent and good value for money.  HK$48 for 3 choices of food and rice. And HK$39 for take away. My distant colleague Jörg may like it if he would visit Hong Kong again.

Apart from the lunch set, you can choose from the amazing choices shown a la carte at Green Veggie.  It donates part of its profit to charity.