Friday, 14 July 2017

Tomokazu 友和

It has been years that I haven't visited Tomokazu 友和. Perhaps, over 15 years. I had a good memory of it. Food was outstanding. Service was attentive. It was famous. At time there were not many good Japanese restaurants in Hong KongTomokazu had numerous loyal clients. Carmen Cheng was one of them. I could have the honour to enjoy the fabulous fresh sashimi and all kinds of seafood.

Today, my colleagues and I passed by it randomly. Without a second thought we headed in and be seated. Sumptuous sashimi with rice and cooked food were served. 

Agnes picked sashimi with rice. She liked the accompanied fish soup very much. 

My choices were salmon sashimi as appetiser, ginger pork with lots of vegetables. Gratified! 

Julia chose beef. It was too good that she left nothing on the plate.

Karis was sick and avoided raw food. She took the California rolls and eel with rice. Looked amazing!

To end the meal we were provided different flavors of ice cream. Tomokazu, I will come back more often, not every 15 years.

Shop B, G/F., Shop A, 1/F., Lockhart House,  441 Lockhart Road, Causeway

Sunday, 2 July 2017

幸腹滿屋日本料理 Blissful Home

I needed to collect bedding combo at the Hong Kong Industrial Centre in Lai Chi Kok. The centre is a fashion wholesale place for clothing from local, Mainland China and Korea (as said).  I did my shopping there from time to time. The online bedding shop Forever Home has got a physical venue for the touch and feel of the products and as a place for collection as well.

More restaurants can be found in the area nowadays.  All kinds of cuisine can be sure to apt for one's taste.  I opt for Japanese this time.  For just HK$128 at 幸腹滿屋日本料理  Blissful Home, one could have fabulous sashimi rice, fully filled with salmon, tuna, yellow-tail, prawn, sea urchin.  What can you say?  Good value!  The only bad thing was I sat near the kitchen entrance, not a nice scene. The restaurant was busy and that was the only one seat.....

It was full house when I visited on a Saturday afternoon.   There were many choices of lunch set. Prices are unbelievably low.  It tells the reason why it was so crowded.  Of course, complemented by the food quality.

Shop 1, G/F, Trust Centre,912 -914 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wine Beast Dinner

It was a retro birthday celebration dinner for Fanny.  I picked Wine Beast as the several patronage of lunches gave me a high confidence that the dinner would be good.  We took a combo of 4 Frapas, a dinner tasting menu with pairing wine and one extra main dish. The food was fabulous and delicious. We enjoyed it so much and will certainly remember the nice time.

Frapas are the French cousin of tapas. We picked duck confit croquette, stuffed baby squid, Sobrassada de Mallorca and sea bass tartare. They were mouth-watering.  The four dishes were served together with the starter included in the tasting menu, fillet of smoked sardine. It was totally impressive. It is million times nicer than sardines in tin. Fresh, intensive wonderful!

Duck confit croquette

Stuffed baby squid

Sobrassada de Mallorcra

Sea bass tartare

Then we were served scallop and guinea fowl included in the tasting menu. Veal fillet mignon was also delivered. Oh my god! Very nicely done, cook to the right texture, great appeal and tastes. Owner's beautiful wife came and talked with us.  She is always cheerful and friendly.


Sumptuous food did not stop, kept flowing.... Chocolate fondant with beautiful birthday decorations and unforgettable mille-feuille cake were presented.  A delightful surprise!  

Time went quick. It's time to depart.  Fanny's husband was very nice to drive us home.  He is always a nice guy.

Friday, 14 April 2017


It was the last working day prior to the Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster.  Colleagues have arranged CNY eve lunch at Momojein.   Learning from Open Rice, Momojein is managed by a renowned stylish top 8 chef in Korea.   Dishes are creative.   The restaurant serves typical Korean dishes for lunch.  It failed to impress me.  I know it's not fair to say so as I haven't tried the creative dishes.  Perhaps, one day.  Lunch sets tasted good but were not so appealing as they did not stand out from other Korean restaurants.  But as side dish, I liked the Tofu salad. It's deep fried, with a contrasting texture to the salad leaves and fruits.

The starters were not appealing at all.  We were 10 people.  Each two of us shared 3 tiny appetisers.   It was totally the contrast from the general generosity offered in other restaurants.


The food was OK.  Each one shared HK$141.  You may also wow, a bit pricey for the standard food.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Ham and Sherry

It was some time ago that Fion and I had dinner at Ham and Sherry.  She picked the place.  We enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere. The exterior and interior of Ham and Sherry are decorated with white and blue tiles.  It gives an impression of Portuguese but it is Spanish. The space is not huge and it's full with Caucasians. We and a few women were the exception.

Fion and I did not eat much.  Less is more.  The Sangria and two dishes of deep fried zucchini  and suckling pig were sumptuous.

We were talking with the waitress about our curiosity of Sherry prior to the ordering of food and drinks. She was very kind to offer three for trial, from light to strong. Unfortunately, we did not like it.   It was fine.   We appreciated her kindness and order sangria instead.  It was a joyful night.  Fion is always cheerful and positive.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Assaggio Trattoria Italiana

It was a retro celebration of my birthday. Fanny brought me to Assaggio in Tsimshashui.   It was full and we sat outside the restaurant.  Though the environment is ideal, the food compensated it.  Our appetiser was not the average dishes found elsewhere but creative and delicious.  We began with beans and shrimp salad.  It was fresh and the combination delivered a surprising good impression and memory.

Colours, we liked the bright and happy moods of the pumpkin and vegetables lying on bread.   Fantastic assimilation of different vegetables in harmony and imposed no threat of weight gain.

It came our meat, charcoal beef.  Medium rare, tender and beefy!  Potato was served.

Our reunion ended with Tiramisu and chocolate mousse.  I would say I could made better ones.

There is another Assaggio Trattoria Italiana in Wanchai, at the Arts Centre and managed by the Miramar Group.  The two have the same logo.  The one in Wanchai is more elegant and won a few awards and recommended by the Michelin.

Friday, 10 March 2017


I love duck.  I love pappardelle.  So, I give a dumb's up to Pirata because it presented a lovely dish to me. We went there for lunch. The price we paid covered antipasti buffet, main course and dessert. Not cheap but OK for a range between HK$168 (pasta) and HK$248 and long chatting hours.  As Pirata is located on the top floor, a lot of light fills up the space which makes it more homely.

My colleagues ordered spring chicken, penne Norma.  They were OK and the chicken was a bit rough.  But I still think the antipasti buffet worth the price.

Among the desserts, the semifreddo is recommended and it is the restaurant's recommendation.   Panno cotta with raspberry coulis was good too.  Cafe Affogato was so so.